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The No. 1 emulation cluster in the North West and Hai Phong cities: The total value of humanitarian activities in 2018 reached VND 222 billion

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On 7th and 8th of December 2018, the No.1 emulation group of the North West provinces and Hai Phong city held a briefing and summarizing conference of the Red Cross activities in 2018. The total value of activities of all levels reached above VND 222 billion, supporting 472,585 turns of disadvantaged people, policy families, and disadvantaged people in society.

The humanitarian and social work of the Red Cross Association in the provinces and cities in the cluster has mobilized and directly supported 149,533 people, the total value reached 258 billion VND 706 million. In particular, the campaign "Tet for the poor and victims of Agent Orange" was prominent in the year of the Lunar New Year 2018, which helped 193,139 gifts, 43 Red Cross houses, 63 breeding cows totaling VND 98 billion; The campaign "Each organization, each individual associated with a humanitarian address" helped 13,164 addresses, reaching a total value of 11 billion VND 121 million; The whole "Cow Bank" project currently has 3,380 cows.

Particularly in the "Humanitarian Month", all levels of the Association have mobilized and assisted 40,000 people with a total value of over VND 16 billion, major activities such as organizing medical examination, counseling and free medicine distribution for 12,498 turns of people, worth VND 1.4 billion, donated 7,625 gifts to the poor, disadvantaged students, orphaned children with a value of VND 4 billion ...

In 2018, the provinces and cities in the whole cluster are affected by natural disasters. Levels of Red Cross in the whole cluster and Hai Phong city has actively developed plans to prevent floods and natural disasters. Activities to participate in prevention and response to natural disasters and disasters have mobilized and directly supported 46,213 people, reaching a total value of 33 billion VND 719 million.

Health care work reached 23 billion VND, helping 127,558 people. The campaign of voluntary blood donation has attracted 63,278 blood donors, receiving 54,754 blood units, worth VND 26 billion.

Hương Dung (CTV)

Translated by Nguyen Vinh Hoa