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MoNRE cooperates with AFD to build scenarios for assessing climate change impacts

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In the afternoon of May 7, Minister Tran Hong Ha met and worked with Professor Gael Giraud - Executive Director of the Research and Knowledge Directorate of the French Development Agency(AFD) on the construction of Models and scenarios of the impact of climate change on Vietnam's socio-economic development, especially in the Mekong Delta, and adaptation measures.

According to the Memorandum of Understanding on the implementation of the Strategic Partnership Agreement between the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment and the French Development Agency (AFD), signed in Paris on March 27, 2018, one of three tasks was to co-operate and develop Gemmesprogram (Generalized Monetary Macroeconomics for the Ecological Shift) to study the different dimensions of climate change damage in Vietnam and to evaluate adaptation strategies.

Based on the macroeconomic models for each region of Vietnam, the objective of the program is to provide forecasts of the climate change impact on socio-economic activities in Vietnam. The program will integrate and evaluate sectoral or local adaptation options, the objectives of Vietnam's Nationally Determined Contributions in the Paris Agreement.

Professor Gael Giraud said that the Program has been building models and scenarios for the climate change impact on socio-economic development in many countries such as Brazil, Columbia, Morocco and Ivory Coast. The two sides discussed the problems that climate change caused to Vietnam.

Gael Giraud highly appreciated Vietnam's research capacity and wished to collaborate with leading experts and scientists in Vietnam to jointly build the best model.

However, Professor Gael Giraud also said that the assessment of the climate change impact on the Mekong Delta is so complex because along with natural factors, there exists impacts of development planning of Vietnamese economy as well as Mekong upstream countries. Therefore, the support of Vietnamese experts will help AFD carry out its work and quickly get the most practical results to support Vietnam in building a macroeconomic growth and 5-year socio-economic plan.

Responding to the comments of Professor Gael Giraud, the Minister appreciated the AFD selection made good sense not only for Vietnam but also the whole region.

The Minister said that through the Mekong River Commission, Viet Nam undertakes a comprehensive assessment of the Mekong River Basin from the perspective of natural resources, economic development, impact of the dams on the upstream causing effects to downstream countries and the region. However, without figures from upstream countries makesVietnam unable to assess. It is necessary to have solutions and capacity to illustrate and calculate natural activities and processes in order to forecast the impacts of climate change on the environment and economy. At present, Vietnam has been training human resources at universities and research centers of the Mekong River Commission to train and build qualified human resources approaching to advanced models in the world. Vietnam also want to cooperate with our partners, including AFD on scientific research, sharing experiences related to policy formulation on climate change.

Minister Tran Hong Ha also said that Vietnam is also working with the Netherlands to develop a Comprehensive Change and Restructuring Master Plan for Mekong River Delta and offering scientifically sound alternatives and appropriate decisions in line with the region's natural conditions.

In order to implement the Gemmes Program, AFD expects the Ministry to be a coordinating agency working with the Vietnamese ministries and agencies to assist AFD to implement the memorandum of understanding to implement the Strategic Partnership of the Paris Agreement between the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment and the French Development Agency (AFD).