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Increasing the "resistance" against natural disasters for people in flooded areas

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It is the goal of the project "Disaster Risk Reduction" (abbreviated as DRR), funded for Phu Yen province by Norwegian Red Cross. Implementing this project in the province over the past time has helped to ensure the safety of people’s life and property in case of floods, contributing to social security assurance...

The works for the sack of people

Over the last 3 months, people in the villages of Thach Cham, Nam Binh 1, Nam Binh 2, Hoa Xuan Tay commune (Dong Hoa district) have been bustling with joy, going on the road with safety chain at Thuyen shore in the area of Thach Cham village, as over the past years, during the 9th and 10th lunar month when it is persistently raining for two or three consecutive days, water from Ban Thach river floods up the line of Thuyen shore, most villagers hardly dared passing through. Despite no tragic event, people and students in the high schools of Le Trung Kien, Nguyen Cong Tru, Quang Trung Senior Secondary School, Hoa Xuan Tay Primary School No. 1 and No. 2 frequently had their bikes, things washed away while traveling on the road. "Witnessing the people’s miserable situation by flooding, we feel sympathetic, worried and nonstop thinking of finding out a solution, however, we are limited by the lack of budget", Mr. Phan Long Thanh, Vice Chairman of Hoa Xuan Tay commune confided.

During the journey to the villages located in such areas with high risk of natural disasters as An Thach, An Dinh, An Nghiep (Tuy An district), Hoa Thinh, Hoa My Dong (Tay Hoa district), Hoa Xuan Dong, Hoa Thanh (Dong Hoa district) ..., we saw poor villagers here with radiantly smiling. Welcoming guests in the house with newly-lime scent, Ms. Pham Thi Kim Chung in Dinh Phong village (An Nghiep commune) was beaming: "Recently, thanks to the amount of 20 million dongs supported by the Red Cross to build flood-avoiding house along with an amount of nearly 30 million dongs, accumulated and borrowed from relatives, we could build this house". Taking us along the tour of her level-4 tiled house with a 3.5m-high mezzanine, she excitedly said: "Now, we’re no longer worried about floods. When it is abnormally rainy and windy, we carry grain and furniture upstairs; we can also climb up the stairs to avoid danger".

Chairman of An Nghiep communal Red Cross, Mr. Nguyen Duc Son confided: "Ms. Chung’s situation is extremely difficult. Therefore, the locality decided to choose her household, one of the three households in the commune, to receive assisted fund from the DRR project of Norwegian Red Cross to build a 4-level house with mezzanine to avoid flooding. Her house is now a dwelling place for poor people in the neighborhood during the flood season".

Towards a safe life for people

Annually, Phu Yen province is often affected and directly impacted by around 5 to 10 storms and tropical depressions. Vice President of the Provincial Red Cross, Mr. Le The Minh, analysed: “With the aim of a safe life for people in flood areas, every year, the Provincial Red Cross organizes many trips to the localities in risky zones to assess their extent of danger. Simultaneously, the Assemblies at all level have regularly opened training courses of disaster risk management, organizing rehearsals of disaster response and prevention to improve the capacity of disaster-preventing, searching, rescuing as well as mobilizing the combined strength of local leaders, boards, agencies, organizations, Red Cross volunteers and people to actively prevent and respond to incidents of natural disasters under the motto "four at the spot." In particular, from the year 2010, the Provincial Red Cross has implemented the DRR project funded by the Norwegian Red Cross. By this time, each of 10 communes frequently affected by natural disasters, including Hoa Thinh, Hoa My Dong, Hoa My Tay (Tay Hoa district), An Thach, An Dinh, An Nghiep, An Cu (Tuy An district), Hoa Thanh, Hoa Xuan Dong, Hoa Xuan Tay (Dong Hoa district) have been invested an annual amount of 500 million dongs. Mr. Le The Minh cheerfully said: "With the DRR project, disaster response capacity among communities has been significantly improved as we focus on solutions to raise the community’s awareness; especially, in coordination with the people, we build up and establish disaster-preventing plan for localities because they are explicitly and profoundly aware of their basic and essential needs in the response to disaster. The plan built from people’s opinions will become the general plan for the whole commune. From this plan, we will direct project communes to set up hazard maps. Just looking at that map, one can know which areas are in danger, in case of storms and floods, the areas will be alarmed; also, decisions will be made on how many households need displacing, and where moving to for safety ..."