Viet Nam

Ho Chi Minh City: Implementing many projects to prevent flooding

In order to promptly cope with the flooding situation in the rainy season of 2014, Ho Chi Minh City has reviewed and prepare statistics of the places facing the risk of flooding to open the drainage direction; simultaneously deploy the installation of pumping stations to support in the key routes.

In the long term, Ho Chi Minh city will continue to implement major anti-flood projects such as: completing the closed girdle shaped dike; digging water control reservoir; building drainage sewer combined with pump stations in the large canals of the area. It is expected that by the end of 2015, Ho Chi Minh City will launched and completed 27 priority projects to prevent flooding.

According to the survey results, in the rainy season of 2014, in Ho Chi Minh city there will be at least 52 routes at risk of flooding due to rain 24 routes flooding due to rain combined with high tides.

An Bang