Viet Nam

Floods Central and South-Central Viet Nam, December 2016: Update No. 2 as of 17 December 2016

Situation Report
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Since 13 Dec., heavy rainfall has caused severe flooding in Central and South-Central Vietnam and parts of the Central Highlands. The most affected provinces are Thua Thien Hue, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai and Binh Dinh. While rainfall and floods are reducing on 17 Dec., more rainfall and flooding is forecasted for 18-20 Dec.

According to the Central Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control (CCNDPC), the impact of the 13-16 Dec. floods is as follows: (reported as of 17 Dec.)

  • 15 deaths and 4 missing
  • 111,851 houses flooded; 127 houses collapsed or unroofed
  • 10,059 ha rice flooded
  • Multiple roads, bridges and irrigation infrastructure eroded

The on-going emergency is the 5th period of heavy rainfall and floods since October, with the cumulative impact for all provinces as follows: (source CCNDPC, as of 17 Dec.)

  • 111 deaths and missing, 121 injured
  • 316,719 houses flooded or damaged
  • Crops flooded: 42,804ha rice, 39,261ha of cash crops, 4,703ha of other crops
  • Multiple roads, bridges and irrigation infrastructure eroded
  • Total estimated economic loss: VND 8,573billion (approx. US$ 377 million)

The Government of Viet Nam has carried out extensive evacuation and search and rescue and relief operations are on-going. High level Prime Minister and CCNDPC field missions have been dispatched to all affected provinces, and regular coordination meetings are conducted at national, regional and local level.

Immediate needs as proposed by provincial authorities to the central Government are:

  • Food: 5,850 tons (T.T.Hue 1,000; Quang Ngai 1,500; Binh Dinh 2,000; Phu Yen 1,100; and Khanh Hoa 250)
  • Water, water disinfectant and disease prevention support
  • Rice seeds for livelihood recovery: 300 tons (T.T.Hue 100; Ninh Thuan 200)
  • Cash support for debris clearance, livelihood inputs and road and irrigation infrastructure repair

So far, the Ministry of Health has provided: 1,840 medical stocks; 4 million tabs of Chloramine B; 400.000 Aquatabs; 1,250 life vests; and 1,100 medical equipment sets.

The United Nations and the NGO Disaster Management Working Group have organized an emergency meeting on Friday 16 Dec. to assess the situation and discuss further joint action in support of the Government. A follow-up meeting is planned for Monday 19 Dec. 10AM at the NGO Resource Centre.

The UN is in close contact with the Government and partners to monitor the situation to inform further action. The UN Disaster Risk Management Team has briefed the UN Resident Coordinator a.i. about the flood emergency and remains in constant consultation.