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Finland to support Vietnam to upgrade the capacity to measure rainfall, forecast storm and lightning

On the morning of May 20th, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Vietnam Nguyen Linh Ngoc had a meeting with Mr. HEKimmo Lähdevirta, Finnish Ambassador in Vietnam. Two parties exchanged views on the project "Upgrading the capacity to measure rain, forecast storm and lightning By National Center for Hydrometeorology Forecasting" using preferential loans of the Finnish Government.

Addressing at the meeting, Deputy Minister Nguyen Linh Ngoc evaluated that, over 40 years of cooperation, Vietnam and Finland have built a steadfast relationship and deep trust. Finland has supported Vietnam in many fields such as water, environmental sanitation, forest, innovation and initiatives, etc. Since 2011, Vietnam and Finland have developed cooperation ideas about upgrading the capacity to measure rain, forecast storm and lightning. Until now, the project is in the completion process to submit to government for approval.

Mr. HEKimmo Lähdevirta, Finnish ambassador in Vietnam said that, under the direction of the Government of Finland, the preparation of preferential credit projects implemented by Finland all over the world, including Vietnam, need to be completed at the end of this year. Thus, regarding the project "Upgrading the capacity to measure rain, forecast storm and lightning by National Center for Hydrometeorology Forecasting", Vietnam needs to accelerate the preparation progress to submit to Vietnam Government for approval. After that, representatives of Vietnam and Finland will sign the official implementation cooperation.

Directly deploying the preparation for this project, Mr. Tran Hong Thai - Deputy Director of the National Centre for Hydrometeorology Forecasting said that, the center is making efforts to prepare to submit the project to the Ministry of Planning and Investment in the upcoming time.

Regarding the difficulties in administrative procedures which can slow the progress of the project, Deputy Minister Nguyen Linh Ngoc directed that, officials of Vietnam and Finland should cooperate closely to thoroughly and promptly deal with problems.

As far as concerned, the project "Upgrading the capacity to measure rain, forecast storm and lightning by National center for Hydrometeorology Forecasting" contributes to strengthening the capacity of National center for Hydrometeorology Forecasting, serving modernization and automation activities of Hydrometeorology industry in Vietnam. The project also contributes to the synchronous perfection of the project contents "Modernization of forecasting technology and monitoring network of Hydrometeorology" in order to better meet the management capacity of disaster in Vietnam in context of increasing climate change. Accordingly, the project will upgrade the existing radar system in Vietnam, adding new radars, generating synchronous weather radar system.

On the other hand, the project will construct lightning detection systems, visual meteorology database and production of weather products. Finland has world-class technology in the field of meteorology. In particular, VAISALA Oyi, the leading manufacture in the world of meteorological measurement systems, were selected to cooperate with Vietnam to implement this project .

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