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Emergency response to heavy floods in Thanh Hoa and Nghe An province

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With the quick response to serious consequences of recent flooding situation in the Central provinces of Vietnam, Vietnam Red Cross sent a disaster responding team to Thanh Hoa and Nghe An to survey the damages and provide relief services in several communes o­n 8thand 9th of September 2012 : Luong Son (Thuong Xuan district), Quang Phu (Tho Xuan district) of Thanh Hoa province and Long Thanh commune ( Yen Thanh district) of Nghe An province.

In the morning of September 8th, the team arrived at Luong Son (Thuong Xuan district, Thanh Hoa), handed 100 household kits and visited families heavily affected by flooding. Mr. Vuong Van Viet, Vice President of Thanh Hoa People Committee and other provincial departments’ representatives also participated in the activities.

According to Mr. Tran Hop Bang, President of Luong Son commune’s People Committee, constant heavy rain o­n September 5th and 6th resulted in widespread flood, affected 7 wards with 356 housholds. The flood level rose as high as 3 – 4 meters causing servere damages to grain, rice, household applications, livestock, etc. Luckily, there was no causualty as people’s knowledge o­n disaster prevention has been raised .

In his speech, Mr. Vuong Van Viet encouraged local people to overcome difficulties and able to quickly recover from the damages and stablize their lives. He also highly appreciated Thanh Hoa Red Cross which was very responsive and dependable in assisting people during the flood.

On the same day, the Red Cross team visited Quang Phu commune of Tho Xuan district. Quang Phu is still completely isolated with 13 of 17 wards flooded with water. The area is serverely affected by the broken dike of Cau Chay river. 652 households were flooded, 3572 people had to move in the night of September 6th, Total value of damages within the commune is estimated to be 121 billion VNDs.

Since the road traffic is still blocked, relief work and transportation is etremely difficult. Relief packages sent by VNRC had not been assembled until 18:30 (September 8th) at the center of commune where relief items were given to people.

In the morning of September 9th, the VNRC delagation headed to Long Thanh commune (Yen Thanh) to provide relief packages to households. Vice president of Provincial People Committee also attended the event as provincial representative.

Long Thanh is the most damaged commune of Yen Thanh district: All of 17 wards were affected with 80% of the households flooded, commune’s elementary andsecondary schools were heavily flooded which also heavily affected shools’ facilities; 750 ha of rice field are flooded, the damage is estimated to be billions of VNDs. The most unfoturnate is the case of Phan Van Nghi ( 4th grade student of Long Thanh Elementary School) who was swept away by the flood.

On this occasion, Steering Committee of Vietnam Red Cross dicided to provide 500 houshold packages ( 1000 blankets, 500 mosquito nets, 500 cook kits, 500 of 40 liter water tanks, 500 of 10 liter water tanks and 500 water bowls.) 80 thousands Aquatabs, Aquatas water filters divided evenly to each province and 130 million VNDs from Disaster Relief Fund for nessassary purchases such as water, instant noodles, etc.

Luong Hong Thuy