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Commencement of construction of disaster-resilient houses in 5 districts of Quang Tri province

On the morning of March 5, 2021, the People's Committee of Quang Tri province held a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of disaster-resilient houses in the districts of Huong Hoa, Dakrong, Cam Lo, Gio Linh and Vinh Linh, Quang Tri province. Attending the ceremony were Ms. Doan Thi Tuyet Nga, Director of Department of Science, Technology and International Cooperation, representative of Vietnam Disaster Management Agency and Mr. Ha Sy Dong, Member of Provincial Party Committee, Standing Vice Chairman of People's Committee of Quang Tri province.

2020 is a year of complicated and unusual natural disasters in many regions of the country. Especially only from the end of September and especially in October 2020, the central provinces (from Nghe An to Binh Dinh) have been heavily affected by 8 types of natural disasters including: storms, tropical depression, storm surge, heavy rains, floods, inundation, flash floods and landslides. This is one of the most serious and severe natural disasters (storm after storm, rain after rain, flood after flood, exceed the history) that has affected most socio-economic activities, infrastructure institutions on all routes from plain, midland and mountainous areas. The entire political system from the central to the local level has promptly entered the task of directing natural disaster response, trying to minimize the damage caused by natural disasters to the lowest level, but the consequences of natural disasters are still very heavy. Quang Tri is one of the provinces most severely damaged by natural disasters.

In addition to the efforts of the Government and people of Vietnam in disaster response and recovery, there is also the help of international partners to help people overcome difficulties and stabilize their lives. In order to get this timely support, the Central Steering Committee on natural disaster prevention and control, as the national disaster management agency through the Disaster Risk Mitigation Partnership, actively shared information about the disaster situation to call for and coordinate with international partners, the United Nations agencies and non-governmental organizations in Vietnam to contribute to timely mobilization of support to help the Government and people of Vietnam overcome the consequences of natural disaster.

More than 14 billion VND from the ADB grant will help 106 households affected by floods and storms in Huong Hoa, Dakrong, Cam Lo, Gio Linh and Vinh Linh districts rebuild their houses, stabilize their daily life, at the same time improve resilience to future natural disasters.

With a total of 106 households supported in housing construction, spread across 64 villages and hamlets; mainly remote areas, areas with difficult travel terrain (in which many houses are located in difficult terrain, construction conditions, materials transportation) in 22 communes, the town in the area of ​​05 districts: Huong Hoa, Dakrong, Cam Lo, Gio Linh, Vinh Linh. The beneficiaries of construction support are poor, near poor and disadvantaged households; affected by natural disasters; of which over 95% are of ethnic minorities. During the implementation process, the localities: Hamlet, Commune, District organized the assessment and selection of beneficiaries of housing construction objectively, democratically, openly and transparently; The subjects are supported in accordance with the criteria of the aid agreement.

The design and cost estimate for each house is made according to the norms and unit price and has been appraised by the Department of Construction according to the current regulations; The houses built in this phase are equivalent to those of similar households being built currently in the area. Each house, depending on geographical location, the number of people in each family has the highest building value of 140 million, the lowest nearly 92 million (for a house with 1 to 2 people); This is a direct aid to build basic housing completed in terms of use and has the greatest value ever for households.

The selected construction units are those experienced in implementing construction in mountainous, remote, and disadvantaged areas. The commencement work to implement the construction is very urgent, effective and receives the attention, support and coordination of all concerned agencies, units and localities.

The success after implementing this aid not only helps people to soon stabilize their lives, feel secure in production and recovery after natural disasters, but also ensures the reputation of local authorities for their commitment to implement according to international requirements.

After natural disasters in 2020, especially historic floods that took place in October and November, together with the proactiveness, determination and efforts to overcome and reconstruct after disaster of sectors and localities. Quang Tri province has received a lot of encouragement, sharing and timely support in spirit and material from the Central Government, organizations and individuals in Vietnam and overseas to support the province to overcome the difficulties after natural disasters. In particular, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, whose standing is the Vietnam Disaster Management Agency has mobilized and directly supported Quang Tri in many ways, such as: donated 1,000 kitchen sets for households that were flooded; supplied plant seeds, animals, materials, equipment to restore production with a value of nearly 17 billion VND, .....; Called the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office to support the construction of 02 community houses for disaster prevention with the value of 3.7 billion VND. Specially the agency organized survey teams and called on international organizations to support emergency aid programs to overcome the consequences of natural disasters, including an emergency aid of 14.4 billion VND from Asian Development Bank (ADB) to support the construction of housing for families affected by natural disasters. This is meaningful and timely for the people of Quang Tri province.