Viet Nam

Can Tho city proposes to invest in building 11,218km of embankment against landslide

According to Can Tho City's Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Search and Rescue, two main types of natural disasters are frequent in the city, causing damage to people's lives and property: rivers landslide and tornadoes.

Only in the eight months of 2020, the city had 26 tornadoes, 30 landslides, collapsed and damaged 684 houses; killed 5 people (1 died from tornado, 4 died from lightning). Total property damage is over 21 billion. In the period 2010-2019, natural disasters in Can Tho City have killed 60 people (landslide killed 4 people, lightning killed 15 people, drowned 40 people, tornado killed 1 person); 2,293 houses collapsed, roof blown up, damaged; total length of roads and river banks being eroded was 7,356km; Total property damage was over 353 billion VND ... Currently there are 171 points in the city at risk of landslide, with a total length of over 179km, the total number of houses located in the area at risk of landslide that need to be relocated is 3,198.

Over the past time, Can Tho city has reinforced over 3km of embankment to prevent landslides by traditional solutions (building coconut piles, eucalyptus piles, cajuput piles combined with gabions and geotextiles); construction of 10 embankments against landslide and put into use with a total length of 18,476km, implementation cost of 2,639 billion VND; 8 landslide protection embankments are in progress with a total length of 21.12km, implementation cost 2,345 billion; 6 landslide embankments are in the stage of making investment projects, with a total length of 5,735km, implementation cost of 681.61 billion VND. The above works contribute to stabilizing river banks, safety for people and urban development in the locality.

Currently, Can Tho city is proposing to the Central Government to include in the medium-term public investment plan for the period of 2021-2025 with 8 landslide-proof embankments, a total length of 11,218km, and a cost of 1,904 billion VND.