Viet Nam

Bringing smiles to Vietnamese parents

Blog co-written with Save the Children Film Producer Ben White

Vietnam is a country of outstanding natural beauty. It is a country with a long history that has provided many moments of pride and many challenges for its people.

But it is a country that must look to the future as well. And its future is going to be powered by the next generation.

Over the last decade, Vietnam has seen extraordinary advancements in maternal and new-born health with better access to healthcare across the country.

But there is an increasing disparity between regions. In some of the poorest areas, maternal mortality rates are three times as high as the national average.

With GSK Support, Save the Children have been working to improve the access and the quality of the healthcare for new parents and babies.

This work is having a huge impact and is helping to pave the way for the next generation.


In the region of Van Chan, the District Health Centre has been busy supporting new families. GSK funding has also provided this region with training and equipment that aims to prevent problems during and after pregnancy -- and provide life-saving treatment when needed.

One family that has benefitted from the partnership is the Luong family.

The family, who are Dao ethnic, have been able to access community healthcare thanks to Save the Children programming. Mother Thi Hoa was checked up regularly and gave birth to Tuan Luong in Nghia Lo General hospital. Tuan Luong is now a happy and thriving one year old doing his best to learn how to walk!


GSK and Save the Children have been working together since 2016 to increase the use of maternal and newborn health services within the Tram Tau and Van Chan districts in Vietnam.

The partnership has increased capacity of healthcare workers and facilities, as well as boosting maternal and newborn care among ethnic minority groups - transforming children's, families and communities lives.

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