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Asia and the Pacific: Weekly Regional Humanitarian Snapshot (20 - 26 October 2020)

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The Lower Mekong Region continues to be affected by heavy rains, strong winds, and storm surges after three Tropical Storms (TS) struck the region since the beginning of October. The latest, TS Saudel, made landfall over central Vietnam on 25 October.

In Vietnam, more than 700 families were evacuated in anticipation of Saudel, adding to the 122,600 people that were forced to evacuate due to the first two storm systems. The AHA Centre with the assistance of the UN has supplied shelter repair kits and kitchen sets. As of 24 October, Governments and International Organizations have committed to provide assistance worth nearly US$3 million.

122.6K people forced to evacuate

According to the Humanitarian Response Forum (HRF) in Cambodia, over 14,200 households have been displaced and more than 161,500 houses have been damaged or destroyed as of 26 October. The National Committee for Disaster Management, the Cambodian Red Cross, and HRF members continue to provide food packages, water and sanitation kits, non-food and shelter items to households in the most affected provinces.

161.5K households damaged or destroyed

The situation could deteriorate further as another storm, Tropical Cyclone Molave, is expected to make landfall over Vietnam on 28 October. Vietnam is making plans to evacuate nearly 1.3 million people in areas in the storm’s forecasted path.


Between 21-25 October, two Tropical Storms (TS) struck in quick succession, causing the displacement of over 121,000 people. TS Saudel travelled over Luzon on 21 October, bringing heavy rain and severe flooding.
According to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC), over 31,300 people were displaced and the damage to the agricultural sector amounts to US$1.9 million. At least 90,000 people were evacuated in the Bicol Region ahead of Tropical Cyclone Molave, which made landfall on 25 October and caused flooding and several landslides in southern Luzon. As of 26 October, local authorities have provided a total of PhP3.2 million ($66,000) worth of assistance to affected families. 9,000 people remain displaced, while the majority of evacuees have returned to their homes.


On 18 October, heavy rains left several parts of Hyderabad flooded, only days after the city had experienced record rainfall. Reports indicate at least 70 people have died in the floods and affected families are without basic facilities including health services and access to safe drinking water, according to humanitarian partners and media reports. The Government of Telangana has released INR550 crores ($74 million) for immediate flood relief and is supplying food packages and chlorine tablets to affected people. Local authorities and police forces have evacuated over 3,000 people from inundated areas in Hyderabad and surrounding suburbs. At least 90 evacuees have reportedly tested positive for COVID-19, raising the need for Infection Prevention, and Control (IPC) measures in evacuation sites.³

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