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Agriculture, food security and livelihood needs assessment in response to the El Niño event in Viet Nam

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Against the backdrop of one the worst drought in history attributed to the El Niño event, a total of 52 out of the 63 provinces (83 percent) of **Viet Nam** have been affected by drought and 18 provinces have declared to be in a State of Emergency as of June 2016. Coupled with the effect of the drought, in coastal areas, saltwater intrusion has extended up to 90 km inland in some areas, leaving river water too salty to be used for either human or animal consumption or to irrigate crops and continue fish-farming production.

The assessment was conducted in the three most affected regions of the country namely **Central Highlands**, **South Central** and **Mekong Delta** under the overall leadership of FAO with support from MARD, particularly Department of Crop Production, Department of Livestock Production, Viet Nam Administration of Fishery (Dfish), Department of Natural Disaster Prevention and Control, Provincial Departments of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD), and in partnership with WFP, UN Women and Women’s Union.