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Adaptation to reduce the risks of natural disasters

On November 23, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Nguyen Linh Ngoc chaired the first meeting of the Regional Steering Committee for Southeast Asia and the Pacific (RSC) for the Project: "Building Resilience to High-Impact Hydrometeorological Events through the Strengthening of Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems (MHEWS) in Small Island Developing States”. The Deputy Minister said that building the adaptation capacity to the hydro-meteorological phenomena through early warning systems will contribute to minimizing damages caused by natural disasters.

Attending the meeting, the World Meteorological Organization included: Mr. Abdoulaye Harou, Mr. Paul Joseph Pilon and Mr. Jochen Luther. The meeting also had the representatives of international organizations such as the United States Hydrographic Center,representatives of Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea, India United Kingdom, United States, etc.

First Meeting of the Southeast Asia Project Steering Committee (SEA-PSC-1) for MHEWS projectis one of the four meetings of the World Meteorological Organization scheduled from 20 to 23 November 2017 which Vietnam has the honor to host this important event.

The Deputy Minister Nguyen Linh Ngoc emphasized that the MHEWS project will contribute to reducing human and property damages caused by climate and meteorological disasters in the Southeast Asia and the rest of the world as well as developing small islands.

On behalf of MONRE, the Deputy Minister also expressed his belief that the project will continue to strengthen the capacities and facilitatethe participated countries and regions to issue the risk warning reports of hydro-meteorological phenomena and extreme events.

Hai Ngoc - Hanh Le