WFP Venezuela Country Brief March 2022


In Numbers

  • 1,262 mt of food assistance distributed
  • USD 76.6 m six months (April – September 2022) net funding requirements, representing 18% of total needs
  • 116,400 people assisted in March 2022

Operational Updates

  • In March 2022, WFP reached 116,400 beneficiaries across the four states where school meals distributions are being implemented (Falcon, Trujillo, Yaracuy, and Barinas).
  • Out of the total beneficiaries assisted in March, WFP reached 90,200 children under 6 in pre-primary schools, 4,875 students with disabilities and 21,300 school personnel.
  • WFP is currently assisting 61 municipalities, 887 pre-primary schools and 102 special education schools across the four states.
  • WFP continues to prepare its expansion to four eastern states: besides Anzoátegui, Monagas and Delta Amacuro, WFP is planning to include Sucre as well. The exact number of people to be targeted across these states will be defined within the registration exercise which will be carried out between May-June.
  • In March, 670 people contacted WFP through its helpline, out of which 65 percent gave positive feedback, 18 percent expressed suggestions, 14 percent asked for assistance or information, and 3 percent provided negative feedback or reported an issue to access assistance.
  • WFP visited health centers and associations of small farmers along with UNICEF and FAO in Falcon, to define the scope of the pilot joint intervention in targeted schools.
  • WFP conducted a learning event with cooperating partners of Yaracuy and Trujillo states to document and consolidate lessons learned and best practices. The outcomes of this event will inform further programme implementation and expansion.
  • Since the launch of the operation (July 2021), WFP purchased 16,100 mt of food commodities, of which 4,277 mt were distributed as of March 2022.
  • WFP currently has 4,900 mt of food commodities prepositioned in its warehouses. Cartagena warehouse was phased out in March, except for 4 mt of pulses which will be shipped to Venezuela in April.
  • A Food Safety and Quality team has carried out a mission in the country to evaluate local producers. The team has identified several potential providers that will need to be officially cleared for WFP purchases.