Venezuelan Red Cross 2013: Long Term Planning Framework


Venezuelan Red Cross framework

The Long Term Planning of the Zone covers the period 2012‒2015. The Long Term Planning of the Venezuelan Red Cross (VRC) has a projection to 2013, as their Strategic Plan1 is in the process of updating its period to 2014‒2016. In line with the mission of the Zone, the purpose of this Long Term Planning 2013 is to support the National Society to recover its institutional capacity to provide quality services for those people who lives in vulnerable situations, poverty and exclusion.

This plan includes development of knowledge and the necessary skills for helping the VRC to orientate its institutional capacity towards a quality, efficient and effective management, according to the points made in the Building Strong National Societies" framework and principles and harmonized with the Strategy 2020 of the International Federation. Thus, the VRC will achieve in its long-term to be a proactive and influential actor in Venezuela, providing relevant and effective services to those in need. This plan requires a joint and coordinated support of the secretariat in the Americas Zone, helping the VRC to do more, better and reach further.