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Venezuela Regional Crisis - Complex Emergency Fact Sheet #2, Fiscal Year (FY) 2021, March 25, 2021

Situation Report
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7 MILLION People in Need of Humanitarian Assistance in Venezuela
UN – July 2020

5.6 MILLION Venezuelan Migrants and Refugees Globally
R4V – March 2021

7.2 MILLION People in Need of Humanitarian Assistance Across LAC in 2021
R4V – December 2020

$762.5 MILLION Funding Requirement for 2020 HRP
UN – July 2020

$1.4 BILLION Funding Requirement for 2021 RMRP
R4V – December 2020

  • Colombia grants 10-year legal protections to Venezuelans residing in Colombia.

  • The Maduro regime continues to intimidate and harass NGOs in Venezuela and, in January, prompted the suspension of most cash and voucher programs.

  • The interim GoV and Maduro regime continue to work with UN agencies to plan the procurement and deployment of COVID-19 vaccines as cases overwhelm capacity in many Venezuelan hospitals.

  • Increased migration from Venezuela prompts additional regional needs, increased border enforcement in Chile and Peru.