Venezuela: New rains hamper mud-slide recovery...

The hopes of thousands of people digging out from under floods and mud slides that killed possibly 50,000 people here in December were set back over the weekend when rains caused many rivers to rise, halting the daily rituals which have become so important to creating a sense a return to normalcy.
No fatalities have been reported and there appears to be only limited damage. The real toll for residents of the coastal area of the state of Vargas is the erosion of their morale which has been slowly rebuilding with the resumption of work and school in the wake of what may be the worst disaster in Latin American decades.

"Each time it rains it gets ugly," a woman told GloboVision TV as she was attempting to get to work. "One cannot sleep whenever it rains."

The floods and massive slides caused billions of dollars in damage and displaced as many as 300,000 people.

The rains, which began early Sunday, have destroyed some provisional structures and brought work in the area to a halt. Some schools were to hold classes today Monday) but those have been canceled and residents have been advised to stay at home.

The floods are widely reported in Venezuelan media. Television stations are broadcasting continuously from the scene but there were no reports Monday morning on either the CNN or BBC web sites.

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