Venezuela: floods Emergency appeal n° MDRVE001 - Final report


GLIDE n° FL-2010-00240-VEN

Period covered by this Final Report:
December 2010 to December 2011.

Appeal target: 575,146 Swiss francs Appeal coverage: 100 %

Appeal history:

  • A Preliminary Emergency Appeal for 429,887 Swiss francs was launched on 21 December 2010 to support 2,000 families over 6 months.

  • An Emergency Appeal for 717,571 Swiss francs was launched on 29 December 2010 increasing the support to 2,500 families.

  • The Operations Update no. 1 on 13 May 2011 extended the implementation timeframe to 9 months to conclude on 21 September 2011.

  • The Operations Update no. 2 on 17 August includes a revised budget of 575,146 Swiss francs which reflects the most up-to-date needs of the most vulnerable populations as identified by the Venezuelan Red Cross (VRC).

  • The Operations Update no. 3 on 29 September 2011 extended the implementation timeframe to 12 month to conclude by the end of December 2011 to allow for the implementation of community-based micro-projects on health, water and sanitation, reaching 633 families.

Summary: The aftermath of the floods and landslides product of the heavy rains that affected Venezuela at the end of 2010 forced more than 41,250 families to leave their homes and seek shelter in collective centres activated by the government. The disaster also affected key water distribution infrastructure and health facilities, increasing the risk of waterborne and vector diseases among the affected population. The situation worsened as landslides blocked streets and highways and bridges collapsed due to the heavy floods, increasing the challenge of reaching communities in isolated areas. In its auxiliary role, the Venezuelan Red Cross (VRC) launched on 21 December 2010 an Emergency Appeal to support 2,500 families with relief items and emergency health and sanitation activities.

During the emergency relief phase of the operation the National Society successfully reached 2,461 families (12,305 persons) with 4,478 hygiene kits and 1,996 cleaning kits designed for the prevention of mosquitorelated diseases.