Venezuela Flooding Situation Report

Situation Report
Originally published
The night of Sunday, November 12, 2000 the state of Vargas was hit again by heavy rains. These rains forced over 400 families from their homes, exacerbating the crisis caused by the December 1999 flooding. These families are being relocated in centers of refuge in the state of Vargas, as relocating them out of the state is not possible due to the pressure still exerted on the states by the December 1999 massive relocation plan.
The National Weather Bureau has predicted a heavy storm front will move against the state of Vargas within the next week, causing severe flooding and perhaps reaching crisis levels. The Governor of the State has called for the displacement of all people in high risk zones in preparation for the possible flooding. This would include hundreds of thousands of people still living in dangerous areas after last years deadly flooding.

World Vision Venezuela is monitoring the situation closely, as well as assisting the IDPs with kitchen equipment, milk, and hygiene items.

For further information please contact:

World Vision Venezuela
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