Venezuela flood relief

News and Press Release
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More than 200 families in Venezuela's Vargas, Miranda and Mérida States received food in the wake of massive flooding, via a grant from FHI.

Partner organization RENACSENIV (Red Nacional Cristiana de Servicio al Niño Venezolano) provided food and personal hygiene items to families who had lost homes and personal belongings due to floods that came in January and February. RENACSENIV utilised a network of its own regional offices, churches and non-governmental organisation to reach flood-affected households in the three states.

While RENACSENIV's name does indicate its primary mission is working with children, the flood relief efforts aimed to help entire families live through the difficult initial days after the floods. One of the aims is to help parents take care of their children adequately. "We're seeing more interest in their personal hygiene and in keeping the house clean," commented RENACSENIV's Miranda State coordinator in their report.

The churches involved not only helped with material distributions but also counselled families through emotional hard times, and returned for follow-up visits. Because RENACSENIV has longstanding programs in the affected areas, the organisation will be able to stay engaged with affected families long term.

In total, 13 churches and one local non-governmental organisation provided donations or volunteers to RENACSENIV's relief efforts.