Update on Israeli assistance to Venezuela through bilateral channels

  1. On Thursday, 23 December 1999, the Government of Israel sent, by a special flight, two and a half tons of medicine in response to the specific request submitted by the Government of Venuzuela. The value of the shipment is $150,000 (U.S. Dollars).
    2. On Wednesday, 29 December 1999, the Israeli Government, in co-operation with United Israel Appeal, an organisation which represents Jewish communities around the world, will send a second special shipment of medicine worth $200,000 (U.S. Dollars).

3. The Kibbutz Movement in Israel has established an emergency headquarters to get contributions from private citizens in order to send in the forthcoming days, a shipment of 5 tons of equipment, blankets and mineral water.

4. The Israeli Aircraft Industry is organising a special shipment of sleeping bags, blankets and mattresses. Upon the request of the Venuzuelan Government, it is also sending two aircraft technicians to Venuzuela.

5. In response to the problem of clean drinking water in Venuzuela, Tahal - Water Planning for Israel Ltd. - is shipping a water purification apparatus which is also intended for the treatment of contaminated river water. A technician will accompany the apparatus in order to ensure its proper functioning.

6. Elbit Ltd. (a high tech electronics company) is sending blankets to Venuzuela and the Israel Military Equipment Development Authority (Raphael) is sending construction material for prefabricated housing.

7. The Ministry of Defence is sending a contribution of $40,000 for the procurement materials and shelter for refugees.

8. Three centres have been established in Israel in order to get contributions from private citizens of items that may be of value to the victims of the floods in Venuzuela (tents, clothing, sleeping bags food, etc.) The intention is to accumulate around five tons of material to ship to Venuzuela.