UNICEF Venezuela Situation Report: 1-31 March 2021


Situation in Numbers

3,200,000 children in need of humanitarian assistance (OCHA, 2020 HRP, July 2020)*
*Will be updated with 2021 HRP

160,497 COVID-19 laboratory confirmed cases and 1,602 deaths (WHO, 28 March 2021)

1,300,000** Children and adolescents enrolled with access limitations to learning continuity due to COVID-19 (Education Cluster 2020)

**Estimates for pre-school, primary and secondary, public, and private schools.


• Thanks to UNICEF’s support to 94 health centres, a total of 2,846 first antenatal care consultations with 1,569 rapid diagnostic tests (RDT) for HIV/Syphilis were performed; 2,023 normal and complicated deliveries were attended; 266 critically ill new-borns received services at neonatal intensive care units; some 1,070 children (513 girls and 557 boys) living with HIV received antiretroviral treatment (ART); and 5,043 children and adolescents (2,420 girls and 2,623 boys) living with HIV, accessed treatment for opportunistic infections.

• Preventive and curative nutritional services were provided nationwide to 9,699 children under five (4,777 girls and 4,922 boys), including 156 indigenous, 265 afro-descendants and 24 children with disabilities.

• To commemorate World Water Day in Venezuela, UNICEF engaged with 15 implementing partners, WASH Cluster members, two governmental entities and 30 private-sector companies, reaching 3,946,995 people, through mass-media campaigns and other activities.

• Some 144,620 children (75,373 girls and 69,247 boys, including 3,386 indigenous children and 930 children with disabilities) from 73 schools in 17 states, were supported with distance education at home, through the distribution of didactic guides -digital and printed-, and pedagogical follow-up.