UNICEF Venezuela Situation Report: 1-30 April 2021


Situation in Numbers

3,200,000 children in need of humanitarian assistance (OCHA, 2020 HRP, July 2020)*
*Will be updated with 2021 HRP

196,386 COVID-19 laboratory confirmed cases and 2,117 deaths (WHO, 30 April 2021)

1,300,000** Children and adolescents enrolled with access limitations to learning continuity due to COVID-19 (Education Cluster 2020)

**Estimates for pre-school, primary and secondary, public, and private schools.


  • On 10 April, the Venezuela Government made effective more than 50 per cent of the first down payment to the COVAX facility. In addition, the country shifted from a committed to an optional vaccine purchasing modality.

  • During April, 5,504 pregnant women, including some 1,696 pregnant adolescents, were treated during their first prenatal consultation, while 10,874 women, including 1,244 adolescents, and their new-borns (5,616 boys and 5,258 girls) received care in UNICEF-supported delivery rooms and obstetrics services across 128 health centres, including outpatient health care centers, comprehensive diagnostic centres, and hospitals.

  • Preventive and curative nutritional services were provided nationwide to 9,949 children under five (4,734 girls and 5,215 boys), including 124 indigenous children and 29 children with disabilities.

  • In Zulia state, rehabilitation works of Zanzibar water treatment plant and Puerto Cuervito water pumping station, located in the indigenous municipality of Guajira (border with Colombia) were completed, providing access to safe water for the first time after 10 years out of service, to 15,000 persons (10,277 adults, 2,375 girls, and 2,349 boys).

  • UNICEF distributed learning kits to 127 schools, benefiting 29,321 students (14,241 girls and 15,080 boys), including 335 children from indigenous populations and 83 children with disabilities.