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U-Report Uniendo Voces Regional Poll Report

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U-Report Uniendo Voces (UV)

UV is a strategic tool to support the delivery of outcomes of the CwC/C4D Group of the R4V regional Platform. Its objectives are:

● Allow refugee and migrant adolescents and youth access to reliable, relevant and updated information on their rights and the services available to them.

● Act as a 24/7 source of information, in their language of preference.

● Support participation and feedback to inform response and advocacy efforts.

● Provide real-time monitoring and evaluation of programme interventions from an end-user perspective.

● Engage with communities for behavior change and measure the impact.

Information and communication needs assessment - UV Regional Poll

The pandemic has deepened the needs of many refugees, migrants and host communities and, in many cases, has led to significant changes in access to essential services. In the context of an infodemic, it is also anticipated that access to reliable information has become more difficult, creating even greater obstacles for refugee, migrant and host community adolescents and youth to access humanitarian and government services.

This first regional poll of UV sought to:

● Identify the demand for information on rights and services of adolescents and youth.

● Define the channels most used by the affected population.

● Inform proposals for promoting access to connectivity services.

● Evaluate the effectiveness of current information processes.

● Promote participation in the co-design of the response and identify proposals from the community.

The results will contribute to the design of communication strategies of the CwC/C4D working group, at the regional and national levels and to strengthen the UV platform.

The poll was conducted between December 4, 2020 and January 8, 2021, and was promoted through the digital channels that are part of UV. Registered users received the poll directly on their phones and answered the questions on WhatsApp and Facebook. Digital media promotion also allowed reaching young people in other R4V countries.

It is important to note that the sample is not representative of all young people. However, U-Report Uniendo Voces is a critical tool for deploying participatory processes and rapid assessments, and providing key information 24/7 and in emergency situations.