Response to the floods in Venezuela

PAHO continues coordinating assistance in this disaster through appeals to international donors, technical support to the Venezuelan Government, coordination of supply management and mobilization of technical experts from other countries in the Region.
ECUADOR: PAHO/PED staff arrived from Quito to assist PAHO/WHO's Representative (PWR), who is also the acting United Nations System Coordinator, and PAHO's Disaster Focal Point on all technical activities.

NICARAGUA: A National Professional (NAP) working in the representation is being mobilized to assist in coordinating water and sanitation projects.

PERU: Two epidemiologists from the Ministry of Health and one NAP from PAHO's Peru office are being mobilized to assist the national authorities in strengthening the Venezuelan epidemiological surveillance system and laboratory facilities.

HONDURAS: One mental health expert will be mobilized to assist the Ministry of Health's Mental Health Direction within the next few days. Two sanitary engineers with expertise in this type of emergency are on standby for a possible mission next week. PAHO's Sanitary Engineer should be arriving in the first week of January to assist on the post disaster phase.

GUATEMALA: One mental health expert is ready to be mobilized to assist the Ministry of Health.

COSTA RICA: PAHO/PED staff will be arriving next Sunday to participate in the preliminary Economic Commission of Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) evaluation.

To support the installation and implementation of SUMA operations, 4 were mobilized from Colombia, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. SUMA was installed in several locations in the State of Lara including the Civil Defense, Fire Department, International Airport and Metro Bus Terminals to receive, sort and prioritize incoming humanitarian supplies coming from the States of Falcon, Vargas, Miranda and the Federal District.

Close coordination has been maintained with the following Agencies of the United Nations System: WHO/Geneva and WHO/UN Office, UNICEF, WFP, ECLAC and the World Bank, in order to maintain an efficient and coordinated response.

A permanent contact has been maintained with the Inter- American Task Force and with the Venezuelan Embassy to the OAS on coordination matters. A press conference will take place tomorrow Thursday, December 23rd at 10:00 AM in PAHO's Headquarters.