The Mexican Government sent provisions, medicines and equipment to aid Venezuelan flood victims

Press Release 1922 - Los Pinos, December 17, 1999

President Zedillo ordered provisions, medicine and equipment to be sent to Venezuela to aid flood victims

In line with the instructions given by President Ernesto Zedillo to several Government Departments, this afternoon, the Mexican Government sent aid to the Republic of Venezuela for the victims of the intense rains that have affected various regions of this country.

The Department of National Defense sent humanitarian aid on board two C-130 Hercules and two Boeing-727 aircraft; these supplies include medicine, equipment and personnel to help victims and participate in reconstruction work in the affected areas.

The equipment and materials sent to the Republic of Venezuela consist of 12.8 tons of provisions; 30 tents for use as shelters; 1,800 blankets; 1,800 mattresses; 1,200 pairs of field boots and 1,000 pairs of rubber boots.

Aid also comprises communications equipment and personnel for emergency zones; 204 experts in logistics, emergencies and in bringing aid to victims; five sets of equipment and operators for searching for and rescuing people; and food supply equipment.

The Mexican Government also sent two tons of selected medicines, a field hospital with 100 beds and an operating room; 29 physicians and nurses; and an additional 12 tents to provide medical attention.

This work has been carried out by the Departments of Social Development, Health and Foreign Relations, in coordination with the Department of National Defense.