Maria Minna Announces an Additional $100,000 to Help Flood Victims in Venezuela

Ottawa -- Canada's International Cooperation Minister, Maria Minna, today announced an additional $100,000 in humanitarian assistance to help flood victims in Venezuela. This brings Canada's total commitment to $275,000. The funding will be channelled through the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

"Canadians are deeply concerned by the situation of Venezuelan families that have lost loved ones in these floods," said Minister Minna. "It is important to provide them with immediate assistance."

The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) will provide this funding to PAHO so it can provide emergency supplies such as water purification tablets, medicine, sanitation equipment, and emergency shelter materials.

Torrential rains began falling in Venezuela on December 15, triggering massive mudslides from Avila which separates the capital, Caracas, from the Caribbean sea. The mudslides swept away part of the northern coast. The flooding and landslides have left approximately 200,000 people homeless and up to 20,000 are reported dead or missing.

Funding for today's humanitarian assistance was provided for in the February 1999 budget and is therefore built into the existing fiscal framework.


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