InterAction Members Respond to the Victims of the Floods in Venezuela 23 Dec 1999

News and Press Release
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Press Contact: Shanta Bryant, 202-667-8227 x115
NGO Contacts: James Bishop, Director of Humanitarian Response, 202-667-8227, x104
Tony Stitt, Senior Program Associate, x106
The following list was produced by InterAction, a coalition of more than 160 US-based private relief, development and refugee assistance agencies. InterAction members have agreed to abide by a set of standards to ensure accountability to donors, professional competence and quality of service.

Torrential rains and mudslides have devastated the coast of Venezuela, mostly affecting the State of Vargas. The death toll is estimated at more than 10,000 people, according to government officials. The overall population affected by the floods is about 200,000 with thousands reported missing. InterAction members are providing much needed humanitarian assistance to victims of the floods

InterAction members listed below are accepting contributions for assistance they or their affiliates are providing to victims of the floods in Venezuela. Visit the following links for further information:

Reliefweb for up-to-date information on Venezuela
InterAction's Guide to Appropriate Giving and Donations.

Adventist Development Relief Agency
12501 Old Columbia Pike
Silver Spring, MD 20904
(800) 424-ADRA (2372)

Lutheran World Relief
PO Box 17061
Baltimore MD 21298-9832
(800) 597-5972

American Friends Service Committee
Venezuela Emergency Fund
1501 Cherry Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
(888) 588-2372 ext 1

MAP International
2100 Glynco Pkwy.
Brunswick, GA 31521-5000
800) 225-8550

American Jewish World Service - Venezuela Flood Relief
989 Avenue of the Americas, 10th floor
New York, NY 10018

Mercy Corps International
Venezuela Relief, Dept. NR
PO Box 2669
Portland, OR 97208-2669
(800) 292-3355 ext. 250

American Red Cross
PO Box 37243
Washington, DC 20013
(800) HELP-NOW (800 435-7669)
(800) 257-7575 (Spanish)

Operation USA
8320 Melrose Ave. #200
Los Angeles, CA 90069
(800) 678-7255

Baptist World Aid
6733 Curran Street
McLean, VA 22101-6005

"Venezuela Flood Relief"

Partners of the Americas
6554 Winchester Road, Suite 133
Memphis, TN 38115-4249
(901) 682-8016 ext. 113

Brother's Brother Foundation/Venezuela
1501 Reedsdale Street, Suite 3005
Pittsburgh, PA 15233-2341
(412) 321-3160

Salvation Army
World Service Office
Venezuela Floods
PO Box 269
Alexandria, VA 22313
(703) 684-5528

Catholic Relief Services
PO Box 17090
Baltimore, MD 21203
(800) 736-3467

United Methodist Committee on Relief
475 Riverside Drive
Room 330
New York, NY 10115
(800) 554-8583

Church World Service
P.O. Box 968
Elkhart, Indiana 46515
Earmark: Venezuela Floods
(800) 297-1516

United States Committee for UNICEF
333 East 38th Street
New York, NY 10016
(212) 922-2659

Episcopal Church / The Presiding
Bishop's Fund for World Relief
c/o Banker's Trust Company
P.O. Box 12043
Newark, NJ 07101
(800) 334-7626 ext. 5129

United Way International
701 North Fairfax Street
Alexandria, VA 22314-2045 USA
(703) 519-0092

Food for the Hungry
7729 E. Greenway Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
(800) 2-HUNGER

World Vision
P.O. Box 70288
Tacoma, Washington 98481-0288
(888) 56CHILD (English)
(888) 511-6566 (Spanish)

Heart to Heart International
Disaster Relief Fund
401 South Clairborne
Suite 302
Olathe, KS 66062
(800) 764-5220

World Relief
Dept. 3
Wheaton, IL 60189
(800) 535-5433
International Aid, Inc.

Venezuela Relief
17011 West Hickory
Spring Lake, MI 49456
(800) 251-2502

Details of InterAction Member Assistance in Venezuela

Adventist Development Relief Agency (ADRA)
(updated December 21, 99)
At ADRA's temporary reception site in Caracas, staff and volunteers are providing water, food, and clothing to hundreds from the surrounding area whose homes were washed away. In Miranda, ADRA delivered 11 vehicles full of food and clothing. In Vargas, ADRA is one of four agencies allowed by the government to provide rescue assistance. In Zulia, another ADRA rescue team is transporting people stranded on small islands within a flooded lake to nearby reception centers.

American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)
(updated December 23, 99)
As AFSC is not operational in Venezuela, they pass on all donations to qualified local humanitarian agencies working in the country, including the Latin America Council of Churches and their local affiliates.

American Jewish World Service (AJWS)
(updated December 20, 99)
AJWS will be channeling donated funds through project partners in the region and through other local and international non governmental agencies.

American Red Cross
(updated December 20, 99)
Since the beginning of the disaster, the American Red Cross has been in close contact with the Venezuela Red Cross, and on December 17th they announced a $50,000 donation to assist in initial relief efforts. Additionally, 50,000 pounds of relief supplies, valued at $195,000, were transported to Venezuela. An American Red Cross team was activated and deployed on December 17th.

Baptist World Aid (BWAid)
(updated December 21, 99)
BWAid has provided the National Baptist Convention of Venezuela with an initial grant of $5,000. Assistance is primarily being given to women, particularly those who are pregnant, and children. Baptist churches and other buildings have been opened as relief centers. A full needs assessment is being carried out.

Brother's Brother Foundation (BBF)
(updated December 20, 99)
BBF is working directly with partner agencies in Venezuela, as well as the Venezuelan Relief Committee, Center for Latin American Studies in Pittsburgh, and Venezuelan relief authorities. Cash donations will be used to buy needed items or to cover the costs of shipping materials donated by corporations. BBF has sent donated goods to Venezuela several times over the past few years. These efforts have been in concert with local Rotary Clubs in Venezuela and other organizations.

Church World Service
(updated December 20, 99)
Church World Service is providing blankets and mattresses to 800 displaced persons who have been evacuated to Barquisimeto.

Food for the Hungry
(updated December 20, 99)
Food for the Hungry has responded with an initial $250,000 worth of food, medicine, and clothing. Donations are needed to help pay for shipping costs.

Heart to Heart International
(updated December 23, 99)
Heart to Heart is responding by sending antibiotics, analgesics, children's medications, first aid supplies, and bulk food. The aid will be transported to Caracas by a FedEx chartered aircraft. Heart to Heart is working with ADRA and other relief agencies who have established emergency shelters.

International Aid, Inc.
(updated December 21, 99)
International Aid will initially ship such commodities as blankets, food, and hygiene kits to the stricken areas. They will continue to monitor the situation and likely will respond with additional shipments. International Aid is also partnering with a group of students from Venezuela attending Grand Valley State University who are seeking to raise funds for relief efforts in their homeland.

MAP International
(updated December 21, 99)
MAP is providing emergency health kits designed to treat 10,000 people for 90 days with essential medicines and supplies. Over the next 90 days, MAP International anticipates providing additional medicines and supplies based on need.

Mercy Corps International
(updated December 22, 99)
Mercy Corps is sending emergency medical supplies, including antibiotics, analgesics, rehydration salts, wound dressings, and first-aid supplies. These will address the most immediate health problems among survivors, such as gastrointestinal disorders, respiratory infections, skin diseases and trauma. Medical supplies and equipment, enough to assist 30,000 people for one month, will be airlifted from Amsterdam this week. This shipment includes immediate health care items such as antibiotics, bandages, pain relievers, analgesics and anesthetics, IV solutions, and midwifery supplies for emergency childbirth situations. Additional first-aid supplies are being airlifted from California. Supplies will be distributed to qualified humanitarian organizations working in the country.

Operation USA
(updated December 21, 99)
Operation USA is assessing needs for replacement of destroyed medical supplies and equipment in hospitals and clinics in the affected areas. Funds raised will be spent on shipping and supply acquisition and sent through partner NGOs and local health agencies in Venezuela.

Partners of the Americas
(updated December 20, 99)
Partners in Venezuela are mobilizing local volunteers with skills in health, housing rehabilitation, and infrastructure repair. A major focus of the Partners program is to provide services to the thousands of Venezuelans who have been displaced by this natural disaster. Partners are collaborating with local NGOs to identify suitable recipients of assistance. Partners' contacts in the business, non-profit, and government sectors are collaborating to address relief and reconstruction needs.

Presiding Bishop's Fund for World Relief
(updated December 20, 99)
The Bishop's Fund has sent an emergency grant to the Diocese of Venezuela in the amount of $25,000.

Salvation Army
(updated December 20, 99)
The Salvation Army is providing plastic sheeting, blankets, medicine, and food.

United Way International
(updated December 20, 99)
Dividendo Voluntario Para La Comunidad, The United Way affiliate in Caracas, is playing a crucial role in local relief efforts. The United Way is accepting donations on behalf of Dividendo and will forward 100% of all gifts directly to their relief fund.

World Vision
(updated December 20, 99)
Although World Vision does not have operations in Venezuela, they are inviting donors to contribute to the relief effort and will pass on all donations to other qualified humanitarian agencies working in the country.