The Inter-American response to the floods in Venezuela

The Inter-American System, comprising various agencies representing health, finance, development and defense, has been mobilized in response to the recent flooding in Venezuela. Following is an account of some of the various agencies that comprise the Inter-American System along with their contributions to the relief efforts:
Organization of American States (OAS)

The OAS has made a cash grant of $20,000 from the Inter-American Emergency Assistance Fund (FONDEM) to the Government of Venezuela.

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Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)
Inter-American Development Bank(IDB)

The channeling of 50,000$US through the IDB office in Caracas, Venezuela.

200Million US dollars in loans have been redirected to this emergency with the potential for future emergency loans.

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Pan American Development Fund (PADF)

$25,000 US channeled through the Organization of American States office in Caracas
two humanitarian "packages" (comprising tents, plastic gloves, purification tablets etc. ) have been sent, each valued at $25,000US

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Inter-American Defense Board (IADB)

has been instrumental in sharing information with member countries has set up an operations center in their headquarters

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