Concern commits $250,000 to Venezuela

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Concern announced on December 23, that it is commiting $250,000 to the relief of people affected by the floods in Venezuela. Two people from Concern's Emergency Response Unit will be on the ground in Venezuela immediately after Christmas. The Concern team will be working in partnership with Mercy Corp International, and an agency based in the United States.
Concern's Chief Executive, David Begg, announcing the decision said:-

"It is clear now that the scale of the destruction and loss of human life is much worse than at first anticipated. The most immediate priorities will be to provide food and shelter for the survivors and to deal with the threat of disease. Concern and Mercy Corp International have worked together before in Turkey and we have achieved good results. Mercy Corp already has a presence in Venezuela, which we do not, and the combination of their local knowledge and our emergency experience should make for an effective partnership. I strongly believe that partnerships between aid agencies for better results is the way to go and what our supporters want us to do."

Mr Begg said he was worried that the worsening in weather conditions would make the rescue work more difficult.

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