Catholic Relief Services commits an initial $100,000 for flood relief in Venezuela

News and Press Release
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Catholic Relief Services has committed financial resources and staff in response to Venezuela's worst natural disaster of the century - a disaster striking in the height of the Christmas season. Due to recent flooding, at least 5,000 people are confirmed dead. The Government of Venezuela estimates that up to 20,000 people may be dead. Approximately 130,000 people have been evacuated from their homes and 94,000 are completely homeless.
Catholic Relief Services staff from the Dominican Republic are now in Venezuela and are coordinating a flood response with non-governmental organizations and Caritas staff working in the area. Agency staff are visiting the damaged areas and preparing initial relief efforts. The assistance may take the form of food, medicines, temporary shelter, and perhaps housing reconstruction.

Background of the Situation:

Heavy rains, attributed to La Niña, soaked the coast of Venezuela for over a week causing heavy flooding and mudslides. The Government of Venezuela has declared a State of Emergency for the entire northern region of the country including the states of Zulia, Falcon, Yaracuy, Nueva Esparta, Carabobo, Tachira, Miranda, the department of Vargas, and the capital city of Caracas.

Houses and entire villages have been swept away, towns once thriving have completely disappeared under the mud and rubble. The Government of Venezuela has been active in reaching as many victims as possible. Catholic Relief Services will continue to respond to this disaster.