AmeriCares relief effort in Venezuela

Situation: As many as 30,000 people were killed by mudslides and flash floods that swept the Caribbean coast of Venezuela December 17. An estimated 400,000 are homeless after entire towns were blanketed with tons of mud and boulders. Worst hit was the coastal strip of Vargas state, an industrial and tourist area with a population of approximately 350,000. Officials estimate that damages will reach into the billions. The disaster, whose death toll exceeds that of Hurricane Mitch, is the worst-ever to hit Venezuela.
Response: AmeriCares has delivered 100,000 pounds of medical relief supplies to flood-struck Venezuela, with an additional shipment scheduled to depart December 28. AmeriCares' first relief airlift, which included approximately 50,000 pounds of essential medicines, antibiotics, nutritional supplements and other relief materials, departed Fort Lauderdale International Airport December 22, arriving in Caracas later that day. The relief supplies were immediately delivered to hospitals throughout the nation. The second shipment arrived December 24 and included an additional 50,000 pounds of medicines, tetanus vaccines and other relief materials. AmeriCares' third airlift will include 50,000 pounds of tents and additional emergency relief supplies. Amerijet is the carrier for all three shipments.

AmeriCares wishes to thank its supporters who, once again, have enabled us to respond immediately and efficiently in the face of disaster. AmeriCares is committed to helping the people of Venezuela for the duration of the recovery process from this devastating crisis.

Credentials: Since its inception in 1982, AmeriCares has delivered nearly $3.7 million worth of relief supplies to Venezuela. AmeriCares is registered with the U.S. Agency for International Development (License #A0275), and we are a licensed drug wholesaler. We are also a licensed DEA Exporter (License #RA0178170). AmeriCares solicits donations of medicines, medical supplies, and other relief materials from manufacturers, and delivers them quickly and reliably to indigenous health and welfare professionals in 130 countries around the world. Financial contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations are used to defray the cost of AmeriCares' programs. Every dollar donated to AmeriCares is leveraged to deliver over $20 worth of aid to individuals in need. Since 1982, AmeriCares has maintained an operating overhead that is less than 2%.

AmeriCares is the world's largest private nonprofit disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization, which provides immediate response to emergency medical needs-- and supports long-term healthcare programs-- for all people around the world, irrespective of race, creed or political persuasion.