Vanuatu: Tropical Cyclone Pam - Humanitarian Snapshot (as of 19 March 2015)

from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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Severe Tropical Cyclone (TC) Pam struck Vanuatu (population 234,000), affecting the capital of Port Vila, as an extremely destructive category 5 cyclone on the evening of 13 March at around 11p.m. local time. The cyclone’s eye passed close to Efate Island, where the capital is located, and winds are estimated to have reached 250kmph with gusts peaking at 320kmph.


Food supplies in affected areas, particularly in Erromango, are running critically low.


Up to 50% damage levels are being used for initial response planning purposes (approximately 15,000 houses) in the worst affected areas of Vanuatu. However subsequent initial damage assessment reports indicate this could be higher in some areas.


Medicines, body bags and power supplies for hospitals are urgently required.
Japan is deploying 23 health care specialists and Australia 20 health care specialists to assist the Ministry of Health, especially at hospitals.


60% of the population in Shefa and Tafea has no access to clean drinking water.

Based on individual reports, Mataso (400 people), Etas (3,000 people), Eratap (1,300 people), Salini (200 people) and Prima (200 people) in Shefa Province have no access to water due to lack of power to operate the piped water supplies

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