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Vanuatu: Tropical Cyclone Harold - Final Report, DREF n° MDRVU008



Description of the disaster

Tropical Cyclone (TC) Harold made land fall in the South Eastern Part of Santo on 4 April 2020 and had intensified to Category 5 by 5 April 2020.

TC Harold continued to move in the south eastern direction, causing catastrophic hurricane force winds in the Provinces of Sanma and Penama and destructive hurricane force winds in the Provinces of Torba, the southern part of Vanua Lava (population of 32 individuals), Malampa (population of 40,928 individuals) and Shefa Emae island (population of 975 individuals).

The catastrophic hurricane force winds caused major damage to approximately 21,000 houses1 and infrastructure, mainly in the provinces of Sanma (population of 54,184 individuals) mainly from south West Coast, south east of Santo Malo and Aore and major impacts also in the province of Penama (population of 32,534 individuals).

TC Harold also caused injuries and deaths to five people in these badly affected provinces. The Vanuatu Government, through the NDMO, had requested the support of VRCS through the Cluster Groups to support the Operation. VRCS had been responding to the pandemic COVID-19 situation, Teuma flooding and the Ash Fall in Tanna since 3 April 2020, thus TC Harold became the fourth disaster for the country which was overwhelming.