Vanuatu: Tropical Cyclone Harold - Emergency Plan of Action (MDRVU008)


Situation analysis

Description of the disaster

Mid-day of 3 April 2020, TC Harold had moved into the Vanuatu's area of responsibility and is tracked through the Vanuatu Tropical Cyclone Tracking Map.

At 22:00 UTC on 4 April, TC Harold was a category 4 tropical cyclone located approximately 95km off the west coast of Santo, Vanuatu. It is currently moving in a south south easterly direction at a rate of 14km/h, with maximum sustained winds close to the centre estimated at 175km/h. Predictions indicate that TC Harold will increase to a category 5 tropical cyclone within the next 12 hours, then weaken to a category 4 tropical cyclone once it has passed over Vanuatu late on Monday evening.

Severe weather warning for heavy rainfalls and flash flooding, including possible landslides are expected.
People including sea going vessels are advised not to go out during the passage of TC Harold.

The system will slowly move East/Southeast across central islands by Monday or Tuesday next week and expected near west of Fiji by Wednesday 8 April.

A high pressure over west of south of New Zealand is expected to push further east while maintaining a ridge over north of Tasman sea until Sunday 5 April. Another high pressure expected further south of Australia while extending a ridge over to Tasman sea by Tuesday 7 April.