Vanuatu Syndromic Surveillance Bulletin Week 20: 14th - 20th May 2018

Situation Report
Originally published


Total number of consultations and reporting rate: There is a decreased in total consultation from 2226 consultation in epiweek 19 to 1997 consultation in epiweek 20, with decreased in reporting rates (64%) in epiweek 20.

Changes from previous week: There is no change in reported cases of Acute fever and rash, slight increase in watery diarhoea and a slight decreased in Prolonged Fever and Influenza-like-illness.Based on the syndromic report genetrated from the 7 sentinel sites in epiweek 20, none of the syndromes has been flagged. With this slight changes based on the recommended threshold analysis, mumps cases is ongoing, there were 5 reported cases of mumps in utas Health cantre, 3 reported case in VCH and 2 reported case in NPH. There was 1 reported case of Malaria reported from Qatvaes Hospital, Sola and ongoing reported cases of suspected Dengue cases in NPH. The syndromic surveillance team will continue further investigations and ensure all are aware of the situation and ensure high quality of reporting.