Tropical Cyclone Pam: Vanuatu - Health Cluster Bulletin #3, 11 April 2015

Situation Report
Originally published



• Funding Gap: The TC Pam Flash Appeal launched on the 24th of March requested 29.9 Million USD for the overall post-cyclone response. The funding situation improved from 23% last week to 35.7% by today, mainly through CERF. The Government of Japan approved a donation of 600,000 USD to UNICEF for emergency response to affected countries by Cyclone Pam. The Australian Government has contributed extensively through in kind donations and FMT support. Russia-funded health kits are on the way to Vanuatu and expected to arrive next week.

• Drugs and Medical Supplies: since 13 March the Central Medical Store of the Ministry of Health has dispatched 508 units of urgent drugs and medical supplies, including Interagency Emergency Health- and Reproductive Health Kits to 22 Islands across 5 provinces. One Interagency Diarrhoeal Disease Kit, including additional Oral Rehydration Salt and Zinc tablets, was dispatched to Lenakel Hospital in Tanna in response to the increase of diarrhoeal disease on the Island.

• FMTs: a total of 20 Foreign Medical Teams (FMTs) have provided support to Vanuatu so far; 7 remain active in the field across Shefa, Tafea and Malampa provinces. 2 more teams of foreign medical experts are planned to deploy before the end of April, 2 more teams will leave the country before the end of next week.

• Emergency Medical Evacuations: Tanna Island had the most medical evacuations (30) out of a total of 67 medevacs to date, with only 3 during this week. The number of medevacs is decreasing, however is still far above the annual average in Vanuatu of less than 0.6 per week.

• Disease surveillance: 16 of 17 operational sentinel sites have reported into the disease surveillance system in week 14, with no major risks detected so far. An increase in diarrhoea cases continue to be reported in Tanna and influenza like illness remain above threshold on the Island while it plateaued at the Vila Central Hospital in Efate.

• Government led assessments: Of the 71 facilities that have been assessed there were 6 facilities that were destroyed and 10 facilities with major damage. Minor damage was reported in 35 facilities and there was no damage reported from 19 facilities. Data entry concluded, and final analysis will be completed by next Tuesday.

• Nutrition: 5,192 children have been screened for acute malnutrition in Sanma • Vector control: As stocks are limited and the funding situation for health activities is critical, the Ministry of Health (MoH) approach to mosquito net distribution is to confirm the condition of existing (pre-cyclone) nets before distributing new nets.