Tropical Cyclone Pam Situation Report No. 21, 9 April 2015



The Second Phase Harmonised Assessments Report is being finalised and will be released on 16 April.

Coinciding with the recent rains in Port Vila, we have seen an increase in numbers of individuals approaching the NDMO directly requesting tarpaulins. Shelter Cluster partners are expediting the distribution of remaining tarpaulin stocks through the area councils in Port Vila to help meet the outstanding needs. Key shelter messaging has also been provided through various channels to try and improve information flow to affected communities.

A one-off distribution of 2kg of rice per full time boarding student and 1kg of rice per half day student (students who only have lunch at school, not 3 meals) will be made to boarding schools in Tafea and Shefa. The FSAC has also assisted with the creation of a website to facilitate any groups or organisations who would like to provide additional assistance to schools.

Education assessments have indicated that approximately 60,000 school-aged children starting from early childhood and care education, primary education and secondary education in Vanuatu are affected.

The number of diarrhoea cases in Tanna is being closely monitored. 45 cases of acute fever and rash (AFR) have been reported on Erromango. A specialist health team will be sent to investigate.

The Civil-Military Joint Task Force will continue providin g cargo transport to the humanitarian community using the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu patrol boats, each with a carryi ng capacity of 5MT. The Tonga patrol boat will not be extended, and is no longer available for tasking. The Solomon Islands patrol boat will be available to the Logistics Cluster until 23 April.