Tropical Cyclone Pam Situation Report No. 14, 30 March 2015

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  • The first round of food distributions is now almost completed in the Shepherd islands, and on smaller islands surrounding Efate and Epi Island in Shefa Province, as well as for the islands of Aneityum and Aniwa in Tafea Province and Paama in Malampa Province.

  • The State of Emergency and the curfew are now lifted.

  • Distributions for 24,000 people are ongoing on the islands of Pentecost and Maewo in Penama Province, for 500 people on Mere Lava in Torba Province, for 7,500 persons on Ambrym in Malampa Province, and for 29,500 persons in Tanna and Erromango in Tafea Province.

  • On 30 March the Australian S70 Blackhawk helicopters delivered 3MT of rice from North Ambrym for urgent delivery to South Ambrym. It also delivered some personnel and equipment to Ambae for the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster.

  • 72 percept of humanitarian aid designated for Erromango was delivered from HMAS Tobruk and this included the deployment of a contingent of ADF engineers. An Australian Government chartered Bell Helicopter successfully completed the delivery of High Energy Biscuits to Buninga Island.

  • The New Zealand Naval Vessel Canterbury continued its humanitarian mission by the delivery of vehicles and engineers in the Shepherd Islands.

  • French military assets including the CASA fixed wing aircraft delivered 1.3 MT of humanitarian aid and medical supplies to Tanna.

  • Current estimates suggest that 268 classrooms had their roofs blown off by Cyclone Pam in Malampa, Torba,
    Tafea and Shefa provinces. To support the school reopening, these classrooms urgently need to be covered with tarpaulins. The Ministry of Education is requesting 1,900 tarpaulins.