Tropical Cyclone Cook Situation Report #2

from Government of Vanuatu
Published on 11 Apr 2017 View Original

Situation Overview

Tropical Cyclone Cook has passed over Vanuatu resulting in destructive winds, heavy rainfall, flash flooding and rough seas with heavy swells over northern, central and southern provinces. Malampa and Shefa are the most affected provinces. Over 250mm of rain was recorded on Efate between Friday 7th and Sunday 9th April. The system has widely affected fruit trees, crops and gardens across the country. The most significant damage to crops have been reported in parts of Malampa that are likely to affect food security in the coming weeks.

Over 1,000 people were formally evacuated by the National Disaster Management Office on Efate most of whom have returned to their place of origin. Other community led evacuations took place. There are reports of isolated cases of damage to schools and housing. Most damaging effects were from flooding. Airports countrywide were temporarily closed but have since reopened, except for Emae and Tongoa. Mobile phone networks have experienced outages. Reports of minor damage to roads and crossings is widespread.

The Government of Vanuatu activated the Emergency Fund and the National Disaster Management Office remains operational and has responded to immediate needs. Line ministries, Provincial authorities and partner agencies are working with the NDMO and staff have been seconded from these agencies to support the NDMO in the National Emergency Operations Centre. Offers of surge support have been made by international partners, but are not required at this time. Many areas of the country are returning to normal as the effects of the Cyclone have passed. Clean up operations are ongoing. Food security, WASH, infrastructure, displacement assistance and health will continue to be assessed and monitored in the coming days and weeks.