TC Pam - Guidance note on Building Back Safer awareness and training framework

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Recognizing that Government and agencies encourage wherever possible community resilience and shelter self-­‐recovery, the Shelter Cluster agreed to include Building Back Safer at the core of its response and disaster risk reduction strategies to support affected population in their shelter & housing recovery process.

This guidance note is setting out a proposed framework for the future of Build Back Safer building awareness and training and awareness in Vanuatu. This guidance note is based on earlier documents produced by the Shelter Cluster Vanuatu (SCV), the discussions held during its regular meetings and specific meetings of the SCV, such as the Shelter Cluster Lessons Learned Workshop1 (held onMay 2015), meetings and discussions of the TWiG, that has been formed to discuss the issues around Build Back Safer awareness and training, with related programs for Vanuatu following Cyclone Pam that hit the country onMarch 2015.