Tafea Province Emergency Operation Centre, Tanna: Sitrep No.5, 2 April 2015

Situation Report
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Disaster event details

• Severe Tropical Cyclone Pam Category 5 hit Tafea Province around 5.00am Saturday 14 March lasted 9 hours, until 2pm when winds began easing.

• Winds came first from the east then shifted north and finally from the west

• Rough seas with waves in excess of 10m persisted for the duration of the event and for the next 24 hours.

General situation update: Thursday 2nd April 2015

Food assistance has now reached approximately 27,000 people

• The NDMO multi-cluster rapid assessment teams arrived via Port Vila aboard a Solomon Islands Naval patrol boat, for a two day mission. They were briefed by the Secretary General and Controller on the overall situation and the importance of their roles. The French military provided support with transportation around Tanna and to the islands.

• The East Coast area leaders, from the volcano ash and cyclone affected communities met the SG to discuss additional assistance to their areas.

• A group of West/Central Chiefs staged a protest stating they were not sufficiently involved in the distribution process. A meeting with all the Chiefs is scheduled for 3rd April , attending the SG, Controller, Inspector of Police and an invitation to the NGO's and ADF be present. With an increase in diarrhoeal cases the opportunity will be taken to re-enforce the hygiene message.

A shortage exist of Tarpaulin material to repair schools. The NGO's have insufficient stocks to do both households (shelter cluster) and Schools (education Cluster).

• The delivery by outside groups of unsolicited donated goods has caused protests by areas not receiving. Police and Government met the leaders to calm and explain the situation.

The WHO disease surveillance team have reported a noticeable increase in viral diarrhoea particularly amongst children under 1 year. The suggestion is that this is caused by poor water quality. The rapid surveillance assessment was carried out along the West Coast.

• Water. The lack of response from local water engineers has become an issue with the ADF and NGO water engineers. Who have been planning to repair water systems and installation of a high capacity water pump. Despite meetings being arranged the local guides have failed to turn up.