Shelter Cluster Vanuatu – TC Harold Situation Report No. 9 (29 May 2020)

Situation Report
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1. Map

The map represents the Needs, Distributions and Gaps represented in the table in section 4.

2. Overview of coordination and Shelter Cluster Response.

Over the Past week, a lot of information has been received from the Shelter Cluster Agencies and from the PEOCs with regards to the planned, ongoing and completed distributions.

Listed below is the overall summary (based on current available information):

  • 7,390 HH have received shelter relief assistance (as reported by Shelter Cluster partners and SANMA PEOC)

  • Stocks that could benefit an additional 9,750 HH are available in the country (distribution not yet reported) and are also in the pipeline.

  • This brings the overall assistance (Completed, ongoing & Planned) to: 17,140 HH

The Estimated damage: 21,000HH (Please see the table of damage estimates & humanitarian gaps on the next page)

Estimated Response Gap: c. 3,860 HH

3. Response highlights


  • A report of the Coconut thatch weaving workshop has been produced by Dr. Chris Bartlett and another summary report has been produced by the Butterfly Trust. The links to these two reports are as follows:

Report by Dr. Chris Bartlett

Summary Report by the Butterfly Trust

  • A helicopter drop off of shelter toolkits and Tarpaulins from the NDMO will occur towards the end of this week. Targeting communities in South Santo Area 1 and South Santo Area 2 that are hard to reach by other forms of transportation.

  • Agencies such as Vanuatu Red Cross, CARE & World Vision have continued with their distributions in Pentecost & Santo and are continuing with the validation, collation & finalization of the data before they can input that info onto the shelter cluster 3Ws.

  • Shelter relief items have continued to be transported via ships & barges to Santo.

  • Shelter Cluster Lead PWD has procured Tarpaulins which have been distributed in Luganville, Big Bay Inland and West Malo. Distributions were conducted by the Vanuatu Red Cross SANMA Branch.

  • The NDMO has procured 700++ Tarps for SANMA, which was a request from the SANMA PEOC - the planning for the distribution of these tarps is ongoing.

  • This week IOM has started with their Displacement Tracking Matrix in partnership with the NDMO to provide essential data to prioritize services to assist the displaced communities.

  • The DTM for all Area Councils in Santo & Malo has been completed and is pending data cleaning & analysis. The DTM for Pentecost, Malekula & Ambrym is planned and ongoing. Initial feedback from the DTM indicates that most people have returned home from evacuation centers. Some have started rebuilding and that there are growing disparities in recovery between urban and rural areas.