Shelter Cluster Vanuatu – TC Harold Situation Report No. 7 (14 May 2020)

Situation Report
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1. Overview of housing damage and response

Overall summary (based on current available information):

3,648 HH have received shelter relief assistance (as reported by Shelter Cluster partners)

7,146 HH stock is available in country (distribution not yet reported)

3,800 HH planned/stocks are in the pipeline

Estimated damage: 17,507 HH

Overall assistance (completed, ongoing & planned): 14,594 HH

Estimated Response Gap: c. 2,896HH

2. Response highlights


● The gap between stocks in-country (as well as planned/pipeline items) with estimated needs is closing. Once in country and distributed, there should be enough to address humanitarian shelter needs of c. 83% of households in severely damaged/destroyed categories.

● 20% of households in severely damaged/destroyed categories have now received assistance.

Shelter 3Ws:

  • The Vanuatu Shelter Cluster 3Ws has been updated and was used to produce this SITREP (link is below):

Agency activities:

  • Shelter Cluster Agencies such as CARE, World Vision, Vanuatu Red Cross and the Butterfly Trust have continued with their distributions, planning and shipments of emergency shelter and essential HH items in South Pentecost, West Coast Santo and South Santo.

  • The Butterfly Trust is currently conducting a coconut thatch weaving workshop for the affected communities in West Coast Santo. This is an Inter-island transfer of skills happening between Santo - Tanna - Ambrym.