Shelter Cluster Vanuatu – TC Harold Situation Report No. 5 (30 April 2020)


2. Highlights/Response

The TC Harold Rapid Assessment Final Report has been made available by the NDMO Vanuatu. CARE & Vanuatu Red Cross Society (VRCS) are working closely with the Vanuatu Christian Council (VCC), the Chiefs and the Community Disaster and Climate Change Committees (CDCCC) in the South and East of Pentecost to develop a distribution plan.

More Emergency Shelter and Essential Household items have arrived into Vanuatu via DFAT and MFAT aircrafts and also via shipments from Brisbane and New Caledonia.

Agencies such as CARE, VRCS, World Vision, Butterfly Trust and Save the Children await shipment of shelter emergency relief items (from Port Vila to Santo/ Malo, and from Port Vila to Pentecost) to continue with their distributions in Sanma and Penama. VRCS has distributed relief items to the worst affected population in North West Malekula and have also distributed shelter kits on behalf of Oxfam and CARITAS.

Overall summary (based on current available information):

1,954 HHs have received shelter relief assistance

4,402 HH stock is available in country (Not distributed yet)

4,671 HH stocks are planned/ in the pipeline.

Estimated damage: 17,347 HH

Overall assistance (ongoing & planned): 11,027 HH

Estimated Gap: c. 6320HH

Issues in response:

There has been an increase in response activity with more shelter relief items now being distributed. Concerns remain that this is still very slow and of the estimated 17,347 households in destroyed & severely damaged categories only around 1,954 households have received emergency shelter assistance. This means that only around 11% of houses in the higher damage categories have received emergency shelter assistance. There is currently enough stock in-country to cover 36% of emergency shelter needs. We urge all partners - donors, response agencies, and governments - to work together to ensure rapid delivery of relief items to the worst affected areas.

Processes for bringing relief stocks into Vanuatu remain unclear. While there is an overriding need to prevent the spread of COVID-19 lack of clarity about import processes, tax exemptions, quarantine procedures are delaying the response.

Planned/ongoing resources would be enough to meet the emergency needs of 63% of households in severely damaged/destroyed categories. There is a major shortfall in available assistance and an urgent need for additional shelter resources in Vanuatu.