Shelter Cluster Vanuatu ā€“ TC Harold Situation Report No. 14 (7 August 2020)


1. Overview of coordination and Shelter Cluster response

This is the 14th and final sitrep for the Vanuatu Shelter Cluster TC Harold response.
The overall summary of the emergency response based on information made available to the Shelter Cluster Coordination Team is as follows:

  • 17,248 HH have received assistance from the Vanuatu Shelter Cluster partners. This is from the distribution of tarpaulins supported with the distribution of the following items:

  • shelter tool kits/ shelter repair materials including tools and fixings.

  • essential household items such as kitchen sets, sleeping mats, blankets, clothing & solar lamps)

  • 3,080 HH worth of shelter relief items that have been consigned to the NDMO from overseas government donations. The distribution of these items has not been reported to the cluster.

This brings the overall potential assistance of the Vanuatu Shelter Cluster in relief item distribution to 20,328 HH. (also considering the stocks that have been consigned to the NDMO)

The target # of HHs: 21,000 HH (damage data)

Estimated response gap: c. 672 HH

Technical Support has been provided to 1,230 HH (this includes safe shelter awareness, trainings, and coconut thatch workshops).