Pacific Humanitarian Team - Vanuatu Tropical Cyclone Harold Situation Report #3, 9 April 2020

Situation Report
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o UNOSAT has received the first cloud-free satellite acquisitions covering the areas of Luganville (Espiritu Santo Island) and The Northern parts of Malakula island, in Sanma and Malampa provinces respectively. Widespread damage could be observed in several areas of Luganville where many houses and structures had their roofs ripped off. Damaged structures could be also observed in the northern parts of Malekula municipality.

o Communications have been re-established in Santo and Melekula. Communication problems still persist in Pentecost.

o Santo airport and airstrips on South Pentecost, North Malekula, West Ambrym, and West Abnae are operational. Further checks to be conducted in North Pentecost, East Ambrym, and South Malekula.

o Initial Damage Assessments are currently being conducted in affected areas. Detailed information on needs to be produced next week. (for information on individual flights see under WASH and NGOs)

o Assessment of key infrastructures underway. Public Works Units and Community Contractors on affected islands have been engaged in clearing roads.


o Health facility in Melsisi (South Pentecost) has been completely destroyed. Staff housing also significantly damaged.

o Field hospital/facility needed for South Pentecost. Lower floor of damaged building is being considered by Emergency Medical Team (EMT) as temporary medical ward. 12 antenatal cases expecting deliveries within the month. High rate of asthmatics reported.

o Initial assessment has anticipated the increase on cases of malnutrition among children and therefore one of the priority actions in the response plan is to minimize risk of malnutrition.

o Early detection/screening of children under five years for severe acute malnutrition will be made through use of mid-upper arm circumference (MUAC) tapes by community health workers and any accompanied medical complications would be identified o Once referred for Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM), treatment of any identified cases of SAM will be ensured through appropriate provincial and national hospitals.

o An emergency prepositioning of essential lifesaving supplies has been made at Central Medical Store and Provincial medical stores, mainly of MUAC tapes for assessment/detection and F-75, F-100 and Resomal and RuTF for treatment of SAM. But, there are no sufficient supplies for the expected caseload. (precise details known after assessments have been conducted)

o Discussion ongoing between UNICEF and Ministry of Health on need for immediate support of essential supplies.


o PHPC members through national offices and local partners are supporting the Vanuatu Gender and Protection Cluster (GPC) to joint the government’s initial assessments.

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