NDMO Vanuatu TC Donna Situation Report No. 5, 10 May 2017


Situation Overview

Tropical Cyclone Donna has passed out of the Vanuatu region and the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) gave the all clear on the 9th of May. TC Donna moved in a westerly direction passing north of the Vanuatu group within 50-100km the Torres islands in Torba Province as a category 3 cyclone. It continued west, before turning south, gathering strength to become a category 5 and passed to the west of Sanma, Malmpa and Shefa. TC Donna passed about 200km to the west of the islands of Vanuatu.

Preliminary Impact

The Torres Island group in Torba Province remains the most affected area, with other areas in Torba less affected. Ongoing assessment of inaccessible areas of Samna and Malampa are ongoing and a full picture will not be known until that is complete. Information available so far is showing modest impacts in other areas.

During TC Donna approximately 60 evacuation centres were activated across Vanuatu, sheltering around 2,700 people. These evacuation facilities include schools, churches, caves, private houses, community buildings and other public buildings which were identified pre-disaster. Almost all evacuees have returned to their homes, however, a small number of evacuation centres remain open in Torres and Shefa.

Torba Province

Preliminary assessments are showing significant damage on the Torres Islands to crops, shelter, water supply, telecommunications and schools. Three schools have been damaged. Approximately 200 domestic buildings are partly or fully damaged. There are widespread reports of damage to been fixed. The airport at Loh is reported operational.

Sanma Province

The Provincial Disaster Committee is operational and coordinating the provincial response.
Preliminary updates from sectors is the following. Infrastructure: Most roads have been cleared.
South Santo Road to Tasiriki remains blocked. Water: A water sample from the Luganville water system was sent to Port Vila today.

Information on evacuation centres has been collected for Luganville and Canal Fanafo Area Council.
There has not been communication with other areas to record statistics. On the night of the cyclone 1100 evacuees have been recorded in 19 evacuation centres. All evacuees returned to their homes the following day. In Canal Fanafo Area Council 576 evacuees were recorded in 10 evacuation centres. All evacuees returned to their homes the following day.

Community Assessment process: nine teams have formulated plans to compile community assessments across Santo. Three teams deployed to Luganville, South Santo Area 2 and South East Santo today. All other teams are awaiting transport options for the West Coast, where impact is likely to be more severe. A camera man has been deployed with the flying doctor to make an aerial assessment of the Torba province, and on his return flight will make an assessment of the West Coast, Santo area.