NDMO Vanuatu Situation Report No. 8 Volcanic Activity - Ambae & Ambrym, 18th October 2017


Situation Overview

Monaro Volcano on Ambae Island remains at Alert Level 3. A State of Emergency is in place for the Island of Ambae until the 24th October 2017. The island has been evacuated, only some security personnel remain on the island.

Vanuatu Meteorology and Geohazards Department (VMGD) continues regular monitoring of the volcano. VMGD Port Vila team have departed today for Santo, Pentecost and Maewo to undertake community information sessions on the volcanic activity and discuss strategies for living with active volcanos. These sessions are targeting evacuation centres and host communities with evacuees.

Two teams have undertaken on ground assessment of Ambae. These teams have been reviewing the suitability of the conditions on island for repatriation. The teams include specialists in food security, water and sanitation, environmental health, logistics and provincial government officials.

No decision regarding the future of evacuees has been made. However, on instruction from the Council of Ministers, plans are being prepared for repatriation of evacuees if it decided it is safe to do so. These plans are being prepared by the NDMO, the Provincial Government and the Police Force. Clusters have provided inputs to support the repatriation planning.

The Government is coordinating a complex response to support the shelter, health, safety and other needs of evacuees. In doing this the Government continues to receive generous support from a range of sources. These include the expatriate Ambae community, individuals, community groups, faith based groups, private companies, NGOs, foreign governments, the Red Cross and UN Agencies.

The Government of Vanuatu with support from the International Organisation for Migration and the Red Cross is undertaking comprehensive registration of evacuees across multiple provinces and islands. A summary of the location and number of evacuees is as follow: