NDMO Penama Situation Report No.2 Volcano Activity - Ambae, 25th September 2017

from Government of Vanuatu
Published on 25 Sep 2017 View Original

Situation Overview & General Coordination

Penama Provincial Government recently is facing one of the natural hazard that endanged the entire Ambae people after Manaro Volcano increases its activities from levels or alerts 3 to 4 until recently.
The Penama Disaster and Climate Change Communities (PDCCC) has arranged the establishment of the Emergencies and curry out the Awareness or informed the wider communities in its 4 Area Councils on the increase activities of the volcano from level 2 to 3 which began on the 6th of September 2017.
However, on 23rd September 2017, last weekend the VMGD has issued another alert advised that the Manaro Volcanic activity is increasing from level 3 to 4 which is the medorate eruption state.
As such, here are some brief details on the tasks done as situational reports speculated bellow:

23rd September 2017 tasks.

  • On 23rd September moring around 8.30, the vmgd issued another alert warning that the Manaro Volcanic eruption activities has increased from levels 3 to 4 until recently

  • All the PDCCC members are called to convened a very urgent meeting regarding the issues and also established its PDCCC Emergencies Operation Centre (PEOC)

  • Started to deployed members of PDCCC to South, North and West Ambae to inform the people in the 4 area councils to be prepared and leave their homes to proposed Evacuation centres in the Safe Zones in the Eastern and Western pit of Ambae

  • West Ambae started to leave their homes and went down to coastal communities in Walaha and surrounding communities

  • South Ambae started to leave their homes to Longana's people centre hall

  • North Ambae commenced to leave their homes to Lolopuepue Primary and Secondary Schools

  • Evacuation operation was conducted until yesterday morning for both West, South and North Ambae Area Councils

  • Operated 5 Evacuation centres in West Ambae with over 2,000 people, operated 7 from East Ambae with a over 700 people and over 500 people from North Ambae in 1 centre on the first day of operation.

24th September 2017 Tasks.

  • On 24th September morning at 7.30 am the PDCCC was conducted its debriefing

  • Members of PDCCC are continued deployed to South, North and West Ambae assisted the Evacuees to safe locations

  • Arranged with LC Freedom to transport the far South Ambae Area Council from Lolokaro to Lolovutali for safe sites on East Ambae which they finally arrived at 8.00 at night which the passengers are over 500 people and the off loaded was done until 3 o’clock early morning today

  • Meet with the Director and the delegation and field in two Officers from Vila head Office one is stationed on West Ambae while the next one is at Saratamata the head quarter

  • Arranged with suppliers to supply the food rations to all Evacuation centres both for South,
    North and West Ambae Area Councils

  • Visitation to all Evacuation centres and welcome them and also thank the host community for their immediate support

  • Distributed all foods rations to all Evacuations centres until 7.30 at night.

  • Yesterday the Evacuation centres in West Ambae has increase to 6 with over 3,000 people,
    North East / East Ambae which accommodated both South and North Ambae communities has increase to 13 Evacuation centres with over 4,000 people.

25th September this morning.

  • Today debrief on 8.00 am

  • Rearranged the PEOC for better coordination of Evacuation centres and delegation of responsibilities in terms of food distribution teams, Supplies in Evacuation centres teams, planning Evacuees (logistic planning) teams, communication teams, Registration of Evacuees